Michael Beara (your Podcast Host) founded the Beara Brewing Co. in Portsmouth, NH USA in 2014. He started as a home brewer and had the idea to make beer with an imported Irish Barley base after traveling back and forth to Ireland for 5 years from England. Beara Brew has been widely distributed in NH and available through a taproom at the brewery.

He started the Craft Beer Storm Podcast to communicate his passion for Craft Beer and promote local breweries and businesses across the US and the World. So far, he has attracted the interest of an amazing lineup of Founders/Brewers (who he has interviewed) - here are a few:


  • Alchemist Brewery – Co-Founder John Kimmich

  • Allagash Brewing Co. – Jason Perkins, BrewMaster

  • Deschutes Brewing Co. – Brian Faivre, BrewMaster

  • Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Co-Founder David Walker

  • Guinness - Fergal Murray, BrewMaster

  • Harpoon Brewing Co. - Al Marzi, Chief Brewing Officer

  • Tributary Brewing Co. – Tod Mott, BrewMaster

  • Stone/New Realm Brewing Co. – Mitch Steele, BrewMaster



Through growing Podcast downloads and new events created to showcase Local Craft Beer, Michael aims to become "The Craft Beer Ambassador to the Planet"!